Travel Safety Tips

No matter where you travel in the world, there are tips that will help keep you safe and avoid becoming a victim of thieves. Follow these tips to ensure a safe trip no matter where you may be traveling or vacationing.
  • Carry all of your personal information such as driver’s license, passport, and money in a safe location, not in your wallet or purse. The best way to ensure these items are not stolen is to carry them in a small pouch under your clothing or if you will not need these will out sightseeing, leave them in the hotel safe
  • Do not put your home address on your luggage. This can be a disaster. If a thief sees you leaving the airport on a trip, they will know you will not be home and that is a perfect time to break into your home and steal everything in sight
  • Keep your luggage with you at all times until it is checked. It is best to keep your hand on the handle or between your feet. This way you can feel if someone tugs on the suitcase. Women should also not carry a purse with a strap. Thieves can easily cut the strap and be off and running with your purse before you realize it is gone
  • Do not bring along expensive jewelry. If you have to bring your jewelry, it is best to leave it in a safe at your hotel except for when you are wearing the various pieces. Just remember, if you are wearing expensive jewelry, you may be putting yourself in danger
  • Women should never accept a drink from someone they do not know. Not only this, but if you are traveling alone keep a close eye on your drink. A dangerous individual may put something in your drink and this is one danger you want to avoid.
  • Do not leave your suitcase easily accessible in your hotel rooms. It is best to lock your suitcase and ensure all items are put away properly.
  • When driving a rental car, be sure to carry such things as flashlights, maps, and watch out for other drivers. Do not pick up hitchhikers and in many cases do not stop to help a stranded motorist. You can call for help and give the location of the vehicle, but do not stop.

These are of course only a few safety travel tips. According to your destination, you will need to learn a bit about the country and the laws and regulations. Be sure you learn the emergency numbers for the country you are visiting so you will have help in case of a crisis situation.